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Here I will list the products & services that I use personally. Full transparency, I'm a heavy Mac user and you might find a lot products geared towards the Mac OS. Fear not! I've listed products for the Windows OS as well. And lastly, services that help me run this website and my personal blog.

Hosting - Fatcow

100% of my sites are running on Fatcow. Their hosting speeds are great, customer service is on point and provide tons of 1 click features for customers such as worpress insalls, coppermine galleries etc. This blog would not exist if I did not purchase a domain and hosting from them. I definitely recommend them! Here is a more indepth review of the hosting plan as well as a walkthrough to install wordpress.

Malwarebytes Home Anti Virus

I use and recommend Malwarebytes Endpoint Security. Malwarebytes has been the most effective in protection of ransomware alerts. Also helps block out any zero day malware on your computer. With the endpoint software always running it can stop access to malicious sites from downloading any malware or redirects. I highly recommend!

Anti Malware (Professional Version)

Same good stuff as the home version but with a different pricing plan for the office. You can purchase 1 or 100's depending on the environment you are installing in.